Top Ten Reasons to Visit Las Cruces

Maybe it’s the friendly people and the endless sunshine.  Or maybe it’s the chile-laced food (and drink.)  There are plenty of reasons to visit Las Cruces, New Mexico. Here are just ten:

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Las Cruces

1. Do the Walk of Flame
That is… if you can handle the heat! The Walk of Flame Green Chile Trail is a newly established culinary route that leads hungry (and thirsty) visitors to hot spots where they can sample Las Cruces’ famous green chiles in all their glorious guises.  In Las Cruces, green chile crops up in and on everything from ice cream to pot stickers to hot dogs to wine, not just Mexican fare. Visitors can feast on The Game’s corked bats (pecan-encrusted Hatch green chile strips), sip Chile ‘Rita’s at La Posta de Mesilla or surprise their senses with a Green Chile Sundae from Caliche’s Frozen Custard. Green chile chasers also have the option to get their hands dirty on a tour of the Chile Pepper Institute Garden.

2. Or wander across what seems like an endless desert beach
Just an hour outside of Las Cruces, White Sands National Monument comprises 275 square miles of wave-like gypsum sand dunes, and the park’s ranger-guided Sunset Stroll is a great way to see it.  During the stroll, visitors will hear the story of the monument and see the critters and vegetation that are able to survive in this arid expanse. By the end of the tour, the sun is setting, lighting the sky with hues of purples and pinks for a picture-perfect moment.

3. Encounter local and exotic creations at the award-winning Farmer’s & Crafts Market
More than 300 vendors gather to sell locally-made wares and fares of all sorts at the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market, voted one of the top farmers markets in the country. Open every Wednesday and Saturday morning downtown, the market brims with handmade jewelry, pottery and other crafts, local produce and even prepared food to devour on the spot.

4. Talk with parrots at La Posta
Diners will find unexpectedly talkative “greeters” at the much-loved restaurant La Posta de Mesilla. Caged parrots and a piranha welcome guests in the lobby of the colorful 200-year old adobe.  This and lots of other restaurants and shops can be found in the historic village of Mesilla just outside of Las Cruces.

5. Monumental moments
The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument (OMDP) surrounds Las Cruces with 496,000 acres of opportunity for hiking, biking and exploring petroglyph and archeological sites. In total there are three national monuments within a few minutes drive of Las Cruces.  White Sands National Monument features over 275 square miles of pure white gypsum dunes perfect for a number of family-friendly recreational opportunities. Additionally, the Prehistoric Trackways National Monument contains footprints of numerous amphibians, reptiles, and insects (including previously unknown species), plants, and petrified wood dating back 280 million years.

6. Raise a glass in the oldest wine-producing region in North America
Las Cruces has lots to boast about, being in the fertile Mesilla Valley where grape growing dates back to the late 1500s. At Rio Grande Vineyard and Winery, Sunday afternoons on the patio are particularly alluring.  Enjoy live music and taste the wines or house made sangrias as you gaze at the nearby mountains.  Oenophiles can also enjoy New Mexican wines at St. Clair Winery & Bistro, La Viña Winery and more around Las Cruces.

7. Become the Salsa Judge
Downtown Las Cruces heats up for Salsa Fest, a three-day celebration of everything salsa in the fall.  In addition to salsa sampling and a salsa making competition, the event gets people moving with salsa dancing lessons, live performances and local wine and beer.

8. Dine among “ghosts”
Legend has it that quite a few buildings in Mesilla are haunted. Begin your search for the paranormal with La Posta de Mesilla Restaurant, where many have claimed to see chairs moving, heard glasses smashed to the floor and experienced strange smells. Then head to the Double Eagle restaurant in Mesilla, with resident spirits in the building (which is listed on the National Register of Historical Places!) If paranormal activity doesn’t call to you, the World’s Largest Green Chile Cheeseburger just might.

9. Mingle at a sophisticated ultra-lounge
Mezcla Lounge is one of the hottest nightclubs in Las Cruces, situated in Hotel Encanto, the luxury landmark resort. The lounge is furnished to resemble its counterparts in Mexico.  A luxurious outdoor patio provides a laid-back atmosphere for sipping and talking with friends new and old.

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Blacksmith at NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum

Las Cruces Farmers & Crafts Market

Chalk-art artist at the Farmers & Crafts Market

Rio Grande Winery at dawn

Afternoon at Rio Grande Winery

La Posta de Mesilla has one of the best patios to enjoy and evening cocktail

Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Mounument

Roadside roadrunner made entirely from recycled materials pulled from local landfill

Poolside at Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces

Walk of Flame Green Chile Trail in Las Cruces

A sack of red chile during harvest season

Dining at St. Clair Winery and Bistro

Dining in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Enjoying a glass of wine on the Rio Grande Winery patio

Riding the dunes at White Sands National Monument

Hiking in the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument

Shopping on the historic Mesilla Plaza

Stars over the Organ Mountains

Rockin’ out at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival

The party goes all night at the Las Cruces Country Music Festival

Ristras hanging on the Mesilla Plaza

Riding the dunes at White Sands National Monument

Hiking in the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument

Taking a selfie break in the Organ Mountain Desert Peaks National Monument