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Lost Cruces

Lost Cruces Escape Room challenges players to find and recover a multi-millionaire’s missing debutante daughter before making the worst of marriage mistakes in Ariana’s Wedding. She was last seen on the back of a motorcycle with that good-for-nothing punk rock phenom Tommy Rotten. Staged in the richly-appointed study of her father’s lavish estate, players have one hour to follow a taunting trail of breadcrumbs left the night before Ariana’s disappearance. The surprise ending to this modernday love story is in plain sight the whole time. Are you sleuth enough to see it?

All Lost Cruces Escape Rooms are ADA accessible, conform to MPAA PG rating standards and are suitable for all audiences 12 and up. $27.50 per-person all-inclusive pricing includes all fees and taxes. Private party discounts and corporate team-building bookings available. Games start every 90 minutes from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM Thursdays and Fridays and noon to 9:00 PM Saturdays and Sundays. Other times by appointment. Advanced booking required at least 30 minutes before start of game. Booking and other information may be found at, or by calling 575-323-2112.

Coming soon!
The Manhattan Mission
Can you and your team save world peace by preventing the world’s dumbest leaders from developing the world’s smartest weapon? A high-stress, high-intensity multi-chamber game requiring at least six players.
Lass Cruces
An average 20-something Las Crucen becomes a superheroine who fights oppression and exclusion – when she has her utility belt. Can you and your team build it in time? This allages game is not as easy as it sounds.
Fountain of Truth
The 1896 disappearance of Billy the Kid’s defense attorney still goes unsolved to this day. Do you and your crack crew have what it takes to solve this old west cold case? Careful, partner! Things can get rough in these here parts when you start diggin’ up old dirt.