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Cluenundrum escape rooms are a form of interactive entertainment against time. Based on the extremely popular computer and mobile escape games, they present the new global craze for an exciting journey through different scenarios. Secret compartments, hidden clues, unique atmosphere, smart riddles and a group of trapped players make up the perfect escape from reality. You hear the door lock behind you. Within 60 minutes you have to discover and solve the clue or complete the activity for each puzzle in order to exit.

Planning Your Visit

Every weekend in Las Cruces it is the same old story–What are we going to do? A quick online search does not yield many new options.

All that has changed. Las Cruces now has its very own Escape Room. What is an Escape Room you ask? It is an opportunity to spend 60 minutes looking for clues, solving puzzles and performing unique tasks in order to “escape” or solve the room’s grand puzzle.

Welcome to Cluenundrum. Designed by a local resident, Cluenundrum features an Escape Room like no other. Cluenundrum’s first room is based on local history. It takes players back in time to experience what it might have been like to be locked up with Billy the Kid.

In the Billy The Kid room, players search for props that are historically based and perform activities that were common during the 1880s. For example, players will find a Morse Key that requires a message to be sent, a dynamite charge to be set off with a TNT plunger and find a replica Colt revolver to shoot a target. These are just a few of the action-packed activities you will find in your quest to escape from Billy The Kid jail.

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